‘What’s for dinner?” they always ask.


‘Mmmmmm…..that’s smells good mom. what is it?”

“Stuff”. It has no real name….I made it up.

“That stuff was awsome”, my nephew says. After 2 months of living here, he knows the drill.

I don’t always have a plan when making food. I just throw things in. The bad part about that is that I can never replicate it because i don’t know what I’ve put in it. I’m gonna start writing things down when I cook.

Food and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that it keeps me alive but I taught myself to hate it in my younger years (along with the fact that raw meat grosses me out and I’m not a huge fan of the taste).  I battled anorexic/bulemia for a good decade or so. The effects of it still haunt me.

I am always on the hunt for new recipes. When I find or make up good ones I’ll post them here. Feel free to post good ones for me too. You can check out my recipes in the categories on the bottom of the page.


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