Thoughts from a 10 Hour Phone Call

Thoughts from a Conference Call

I’ve been on the phone since 9:30 this morning……’s 11:00. If you averaged it, I was on the phone for about 10 hours. I’m in North Carolina right now with Hubby while the kiddo is in New Mexico with his aunt.

Darn teenagers! Sometimes I wish they did come with a book. Unfortunately, each and every one of them is different.

I might be turning 40 this year, but I remember 17 like it was yesterday. Young, wild, free, not a care in the world; stupid adults thought they knew everything; always telling me what to do…..or what not to do. I had it all figured out. I didn’t need anyone telling me how to run my life. Their methods were old and out of date. They didn’t understand how the world really worked. They couldn’t possibly teach me anything of use. It was different from when they were kids. Times had changed.

Yes, times have definitely changed. The world is more and more corrupt as the generations pass. Humans get more and more selfish. The enemy has more and more of a stronghold on society. Do whatever “feels good”………what’s “right for you”……….”stand up for what your rights”……don’t let anyone impose “their beliefs” on you. It’s all garbage and our kids are paying for it!

We live in a society of instant gratification. You have a question you want answered; you google it. You want to know what 97×83 is; you use the calculator on one of your handheld devices. You want to check in with your mom; you text her. You want to buy something you can’t afford; you charge it (the minute I turned 18 I started getting bombarded with credit offers). You want to deposit a check; you take a picture of it. You don’t feel like going into work; you take a sick day. Our kids don’t even know how to read or write in cursive anymore, they don’t need to. It’s all done for them.

We are convinced that “freedom” means we can do whatever we want to do with no real consequence. We need to realize that is not true freedom! That is bondage to our desires; slavery to our own selfishness.

It’s not alright to walk off school property with no fear of consequences just because you “felt like it” (whether “justified” in their reasoning or not). It’s NOT ok to go awol whenever you are trying to avoid consequences. The problem will not just go away. You will eventually have to own up to your choices. And that’s what it comes down to………..choices.

We all make choices and sometimes they are the wrong ones. For many years I was a perfectionist; always pushing myself to the limit. And when I realized I couldn’t ever reach my perfect goals I went the opposite way and decided I couldn’t do anything right. So, I tried harder…..and fell deeper. I had developed a serious pride issue. It was a rollercoaster ride that I couldn’t get off. I didn’t know how. I was so busy trying to get acceptance from the world that I couldn’t be myself…….I didn’t even know who “myself” was. I was not living in freedom.

I might not be able to make his choices for him, but thank God, my son’s mom is a prayer warrior who is willing to go the distance and fight the spiritual battle for him. I have the authority in Christ to intercede and call off the attacks. I know God’s plans are to prosper and not harm; to give hope for the future. I know whom I have believed in and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed to Him. I also know that nothing can take us out of God’s hand……not even us, ourselves.


Thank You Lord for Your many promises……I claim them.