The Most Amazing Woman that I’ve Ever Known

She’s the most amazing woman
That I’ve ever known
She never held back with all her love
It was shown

She taught me how to love
She taught me how to give
And I won’t ever forget
All the things that she did

If I ever need somebody
I just pick up the phone
Every time I hear her voice
I know I’m not alone

She’ll never turn me down
She flips my frown upside down
I have the best mom ever
Than anyone in any town

She taught me to look up
To rely on God
Even when I’m feeling selfish
And my face is in the sod

She’s encouraging
She’s as sharp as a tack
And I wouldn’t change a thing
If I could turn time back

NM sunsets1

Open My Eyes

Lord, I’m not sure what You’re asking of me but I’m gonna try
Because I know You’ll pave the way for me: the when, the where, the why
This mountain seems too steep, too high; it overwhelms my soul
But if I’ll just release my grip I’ll fall into Your loving arms

Open my eyes
When I ask You’ll give me wisdom and the strength to go the distance
I know You’ll give me peace
Open my eyes
I want to hear what You are saying
Open my heart to have more faith; I know You’ll never let me down

If I trust in You with all my heart and don’t rely on instinct
In all my ways acknowledge You in truest fellowship
I know You will direct my path; You’ll show me what to do
Lord, I’m asking You to show me now; I know You’ll see it through

Open my eyes
Because You’re gonna give me wisdom and the strength to go the distance
I will feel at peace
Open my ears
Fill me up with what You’re saying
My heart is filled with faith; You will not let me down

Lift me up; ‘cause I don’t want to go my own way
My eyes are lifted up to You; You’re all I want to see


I Belong to You

Just when I thought I understood
Which path You had for me
You changed my course, again it contorts
And makes me want to flee

I thought I had it figured out
It made great sense to me
But You blocked my way, I cannot pay
Is it really not meant to be?

If it’s nothing but a stumbling block
Help me to stay the course
Don’t let it drag me down in frustration
It’s not something I can force

I could throw myself a pity party
But no one else will come
Feeling sorry for myself about this
Just seems really dumb

This road might seem all uphill to me
But You’re strengthening my soul
If I never exercised my faith
I’d never be made whole

So I’ll lift my face and trust Your grace
You know exactly what to do
You’ll never leave me on my own
Because I belong to You


The Balad of Nik

Lord I come to You
Wondering why You called on me
Knowing that there are others who would be
More of a lover of Christ’s majesty

Use me; choose me
Let it be my life that You lead
Guide me; show me
Exactly what You want me to be

Take away my doubt
And replace it with Your grace
When You see that I am falling on my face
Please remind me that I want to win the race

You don’t make mistakes, You know me well
Don’t let me dwell on all the times I fell
Put it in my heart to trust in You
Everything I am, everything I do

Love me; hold me
I want to trust in You for everything I need

Sept 2015 Beachside State ParkCamping Sunset5

My Ungrateful Ways

It’s rained all week, could You make it dry today?
The sun finally shines; “it’s too hot” I say
Teach me to be still; but I don’t want to sit
Let me be a candle for you; just leave the flame unlit

Lord, show me Your path; not that one, though
Whatever’s in Your will; just not that…no
You gave me what I asked, but that’s not what I mean
Ask and receive is not always what it seems

Pick me up; Set Me Down
I’m ready for more; that’s too much ,now
Help me out; I’ll do it by myself
Give me your word; I’ll put it on the shelf
I need more time; oh good! A lazy day
Lord forgive my ungrateful ways

I want to truly be thankful for all the blessings that You give
Without you, Lord, I wouldn’t care how I lived
It’s a good thing that You know what’s really best indeed
Because if You left it up to me I never learn anything
Lord, forgive my ungrateful ways


I Was Made For Your Glory

Life’s too complicated not to have been fashioned by Your hands
I see you in the mountains, the clouds, the sun, moon and sea
Without a doubt you are the Creator.
Nothing else makes sense to me
You made me to be who I am; no mistake not an accident
I Was Made For Your Glory

Life is not about me. Lord It’s All About You.
I’m privileged to serve you and praise you and worship You Lord
Empty me of this world so I can give all the glory to You
You give me abundance of blessings, You shower me with Your grace
You wrote my name in the palm of Your hands

You gave Your Son to save me, Your mercy is unending
Your Spirit is my guide, Your word is my sword, faith is my shield
You provide all I need
I just want to thank You, Lord! I’ll sing your praise forever more
I Was Made For Your Glory

AZ trip summer 2013 Ohiothe cardinal in the tree the morning of dads burial

Nothing Can Take Me from You

You are Lord of all, in control before the fall
You created everything, even that which I cannot see
I want to take a stand because I know I’m in Your hands
And nothing can take me from You

I will claim the promises You gave us
I will hide them in my heart; You are so gracious
I will praise my mighty Lord
I’ll lift my burdens heavenward
And know that nothing can take me from You

I know that nothing can take me from You.

I am persuaded neither death, life, angels, principalities or powers, things present, things to come, height or depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Chorus from Romans 8:38)


If Your Eye Is On The Sparrow

You speak to me in darkness, when I am sound asleep

You talk to me through strangers when I make promises I don’t keep

You wake me up with songs that remind me of You

You give me hope in words from friends

To let me know You’re crying too

If Your Eye Is On The Sparrow how much more is it on me?

Sometimes You give me knowledge before I know what’s coming up

Some call it intuition but it’s really from above

Sometimes You wait for me to step out in faith

Before You will open the floodgates of blessing

If Your Eye Is On The Sparrow how much more is it on me?

I love how You answer and let me know You’re right here too

You’re watching and You’re waiting for me to realize the truth

You blow my mind with all the ways that You get through to me

If I always send up my prayers and keep my eyes open to see

If I shut my mouth and listen I’ll hear everything I need

If Your Eye Is On The Sparrow how much more is it on me?

Sept 2015 Drving up the coast scenic viewpoint Cape Perpetua a bird