30 Day Hair Challenge Day 8

Day 8:

Make a pony tail at the nape. Roll hair up into itself. Clip in place. Bobby pin strays. Took 5 minutes

Day 8 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 7

This is a bigger challenge to me than I thought it would be. I’m lazy! How sad that I find spending a couple extra minutes on myself to be tedious. I hope by the end of the 30 days I don’t go back to my old ways. It’s so easy to slip back into habits, especially when they are shortcuts to life.

But I don’t want to take shortcuts. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to care how I look, which is what sparked me to start this challenge to begin with. I’ll finish the task….I hope I learn to change my lazy ways. After all, motivation follows action.

French braid from the top. Stop halfway down your head. Pull all hair together in a pony tail. This took 5  minutes (or less).

Day 7 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 6

I like it when my hair looks a bit on the messy side….not sure why. I guess they call that Boho. I’m not into perfect looking hair. It looks like you tried too hard. Usually you end up using a lot of hairspray too.

I think my dislike for hairspray came from my high school years where we tried to get our bangs as high as we could. My brother called it wall hair….like we held our hair up a wall and sprayed the crap out of it. I’m not sure why we thought that was attractive.

I’ve always been a fan of braids though; braids of all kinds: French, standard, fishbone. There’s a new way to do braids where you pull them out to be messy. I tried that and it didn’t look like a braid anymore with all my layers. So I’ll skip that picture.

Day 6:

Section your hair into thirds (top, middle and bottom at the nape). Put each section in a pony tail with a hair band and braid. Wrap each braid in a circle and clip. This took about 10 minutes.  I got the bottom one a little off-center, but it adds character. I’m not really a perfectionist with my hair either….obviously.

Day 6 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 5

From the temple, gather a chunk of hair and separate into 2. Twist and pull another bunch from under it and wrap around. Continue on (like a French braid twist with 2 pieces instead of three). Do the same on the other side. I used a clip to hold one side while I did the other. Pull all hair into a band at the nape of the neck. Twist and roll hair around. Clip to secure. This took about 10 minutes. I used hairspray as well.

Day 5 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 4

I’ve gotten some great comments from people. “Your hair looks nice,” Oh your hair’s pretty” “You look pretty today”. Even the guys are saying something.

Good…..it looks like I care. That’s what I was hoping for. I don’t want to just skate through life just doing the bare minimum. I want to get all I can out of life. I want to sit back on my front porch when I’m old and now that life didn’t just pass me by. That I did the things I intended to, no matter how insignificant those things seemed to others.

I have a “List of things to do” for my life. Essentially, it’s my bucket list. I want to finish things that I start. There’s a lot on my list that will take time like learning to play the fiddle, learning archery, writing a book and mastering photography. I have spiritual goals as well: reading all the way through the bible yearly (this year I’m doing chronologically), be a godly mom and wife.

I think we should all have a list; goals to accomplish. Things we don’t get to the end of life and say “I always wanted to do that but never got around to it”. Not necessarily dangerous or crazy stuff like skydiving and bungee jumping (neither of which are on my list), but attainable things that will enrich our lives.

A goal I have set for myself is to care about myself. I think caring about how I look is a great way to do that.

Day 4;

Pull all hair into a low pony tail, don’t use a band. Twist hair upward, bend the top half (ends of hair) back down and tuck the loose hair into the crease. Clip in place. Bobby pin strays. This took 5 minutes.

Day 4 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 3

I live in a city called Bealeton. The drive to Bealeton is beautiful country scenery with rolling hills and farmland as far as the eye can see. You drive, and drive, and drive….and then you come to an intersection of random gas stations and a fast food chicken restaurant. There is a “shopping center” with a grocery store, dollar store, thrift store and few other miscellaneous small businesses. There are 5 housing developments that you can’t see from that intersection. All three schools are on the 2 main roads (with the elementary and high school back to back). I love it here.

But I HATE the water. We don’t drink Bealeton water. It’s hard enough to brush your teeth without gagging. It has a strange smell. A couple summers ago we had an earthquake that caused problems with the water. For a few months we had to boil it first. They say it’s safe……I’m good. I’ll buy it.

Unfortunately, my hair must be washed in Bealeton water. I only do it twice a week otherwise it feels nasty. So I try not to use too much hairspray very often. Being a waitress (and having a shedding problem) and just doing a standard pony tail (with seriously layered hair), I have had to use it for work. One of my goals in this challenge is to do styles that don’t require hairspray. I’m not a fan of hairspray to begin with.

Day 3:

French braid each side from a little higher than your temples.  Make a high pony tail with the rest of your hair. Wrap the braids around the pony tail and clip in place. This took me about 5 minutes.

Day 3 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 2

Being a working wife and mom is no excuse to let my looks go.  We all get in a rut and get comfortable in life. We get a routine we don’t want to change it. We are creatures of habit. But patterns can be broken.

I want to be attractive to my hubby.  I want him to look at me and say “Dang! That’s my wife! She’s hot!”, like he used to when we first got together. I don’t want to lose that. I want to keep the spark in my marriage.

For the longest time I found myself being ok with looking like a bum.  I was a stay at home mom from late 2008-2010, I spent about a year of that in my jammies (so much that Hubby now sees all sweats, which is what I use, as jammies). I didn’t even bother to get dressed. How lame!  I justified it as trying to save on laundry. But the truth was that I was too lazy to look good. (I couldn’t come up with a real good excuse for not brushing my hair *head hangs in shame*).

I’m one of those women that has to be told to go shopping. Not for groceries or things we need, but for clothing. I am too frugal and practical. I wear clothes that I’ve had since the ‘90s……holes and all. I tend to wear clothes til they’re dead. I’m trying to get better about it. I don’t want to go the opposite way; there is a happy medium. We all need to shop for clothes. If I’m wearing holey shirts what does that say about me? It says I don’t care.

I have problems with the tear ducts in my eyes that have caused me not to be able to wear eye makeup anymore. I’ve never been much of a fan of makeup anyway. So I have to come up with other ways of dressing myself up. A hairdo is a great way to look like you care about the way you look. If I can do it in 10 minutes or less I no longer have an excuse. This is what caused me to challenge myself to the 30 Days of Hair.

Day 2:

French braid from the front above your ears on each side of your head. Don’t follow your hair line, go toward the center of the back of your head.  Make a pony tail with the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck. Twist and roll around the band. Clip in place. Wrap each braid around the bun and clip in place. This one took about 10 minutes.

Day 2 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge

I’ve been a waitress off and on for the last 20-some years. You have to have your hair up. No ifs, ands or buts. I am a big time shedder too, so I have to make sure it’s all back. My hair is always up in a pony tail….and I’m bored with it! So I am challenging myself to doing my hair 30 different ways in 30 days. It must be something I can accomplish in 10 minutes or less as well. I like layers in my hair because I have a lot of it and like it long. It keeps it from being weighed down.  I started this project in October and had to abandon ship due to a my usual birthday haircut.For some reason I told my hairstylist (who happens to be a very good friend of mine) to cut the first layer to my chin. Duh!!!! I couldn’t get it to stay back no matter how much hairspray I used.

So, I’m trying again.

I found all my ideas on pinterest and got the idea for my self help challenge from foxinflats.com. I also made myself some new crocheted headbands for the task. I am a huge fan of those tiny claw clips because they are quick and easy to use. I will be using bobby pins as well.

Hairdo #1

Make 3 small pony tails at the nape of the neck. Twist and spin in a circle around band. Clip. Took me 5 minutes. (I know…I missed a few hairs)

Day 1 of my hair challenge

Thoughts from a Date I Went on Without My Hubby

IMG_7431No, I’m not cheating on Hubby. Every year, the week of Valentines, my church family hosts a Valentine’s Date night. I decided to attend even though Hubby was working. We watched a video that included marital advice from marriage counselors and some great comedy about family dynamics. Some of the advice really got me thinking.

I know I’m falling off the radar with my blog. I’m still trying to figure out how to use my gift of writing and sharing my testimony along with this new daytime schedule. After a comment my best friend made when she was visiting in November, I had to re-evaluate my priorities yet again. For about a year, I worked Tues-Sat from 6pm-11:30ish (sometimes later). My best friend said, “you realize that you haven’t seen your son for more than 5 minutes for the last 3 days, right? He’s 15, Nik….you can’t do that”.

She was right and he was not emotionally stable at the time (what 15 year old is?). He had just gotten suspended again (2nd time that semester). What I realized was that for nearly a year, he’d been running amok with no structure, no adult to rely on in the evenings, Hubby works nights, and he had no present mom.

Startled by the revelation, I first called Hubby and we decided to let my job go. Then I called my boss to quit my job. My boss (best boss I’ve ever had….and I’ve had a LOT of jobs in my life….and he’ll probably never see this post) didn’t give me a chance to resign. I explained that I could not work nights any longer. He said he’d do what he could to give me as many shifts as possible. After all, I am his favorite waitress (Really! It’s true). For the first 2 weeks I only got a couple shifts per week. I wasn’t making much, but $75-$100 a week is better than $0 a week……and then the plan that God had in store fell into place.

The daytime manager announced that he would be leaving to start a business with his dad and I was asked to take his daytime hours. It’s a bit of a management position (I’m bossy anyway) and I got a small raise and its 5 days a week. The only catch is that I work 1 night shift a month but my son, who works there too, will be scheduled with me on those nights. Fair enough.

I’m not surprised how the timing lined up perfectly. When we step into God’s plan and put our priorities in the order He wants us to, He straightens our path out. Of course, there’s a year worth of damage to fix and it’s not an easy path (my son IS a teenager after all), but God is there carrying us through it.

I am now working only daytime hours and suddenly there are less hours in the day (weird how that works). I used to have the entire day to get my dude’s dinners together, blog, clean/do dishes, play with my ferret AND I had time to watch my morning shows. Now it seems like I don’t have enough time to accomplish what has to be done….I don’t get it!

Ok…that said:

If you’ve read “Thoughts from a Sweat Soaked Pillow”, you know that last summer Hubby wanted a divorce. In trying to be closer to God and be the servant He made me to be, I had gotten so caught up in my music ministry and helping the church with every event and doing miscellaneous tasks, PLUS working 5 nights a week, Hubby and my son fell to the bottom of my priority list.

I hope I’ve learned my lesson on prioritizing; God first, hubby second, Son next, THEN everything else. So here I sit at 11:30 at night blogging while Hubby and Son are tucked snoozily into bed.

There were some great tips the counselors gave on the Date Night video. Some things they pointed out were to make each other a priority when you wake up (greet each other), when going to bed thank each other for things and pray together, love up on each other and go on a date once a week.

Ok, this is fabulous advice……for people who have the same sleeping habits. Hubby and I don’t go to bed together very often and when we do, we certainly don’t wake up at the same time. It took me years to get him to tell me goodnight when he went to bed. All of the sudden he would disappear and I would find him out like a light in bed. He just goes to bed when his body tells him to. There is no pattern.

He is notorious for waking up at 3 or 4 am. In the nearly 11 years we’ve been together, I could probably count on 2 hands how many times we have woken up with each other. It is very rare that we wake at the same time. He doesn’t sleep well at all, which has always been a big problem in our marriage. The best way for me to explain how light of a sleeper he is, is this; He could hear a bug walk across the floor while he’s sleeping and it would wake him up.

So I guess my focus will be on a regular date night. We’re pretty good about being touchy-feely.

There is a group doing a follow-up study for the next 4 weeks. Of course, Hubby is going to be out of town for 2 of the nights so we will do it on our own. I’m excited. It’s our first bible study together. I think it’ll be good.

If you also remember in my “Sweat Soaked Pillow” post, I mentioned the dream about 2012 being my year of change; 2013 is my year of new beginnings. I already see the things God is accomplishing in my marriage amongst many other aspects of my life. I am learning to treat my body better, too. I’m discovering many tasty and healthy recipes 9some of which I’ve posted. Even though some are tagged as Daniel Fast recipes, I am incorporating them into my everyday life. Hubby and my son already have favorites.

I want all aspects of my life to be healthier; emotionally, physically, psychologically. I’m 38 years old and finally starting to figure it all out with the help of the Lord. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. I’m just gonna keep relying on the One who knows what He’s doing and focus on this:

                For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and  not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
                                                               Jeremiah 29:11