30 Day Hair Challenge Day 30

Well, then. I made it. 30 different off-the shoulder updos in 30 days. I now have some cute, quick, easy to do styles in my arsenal. I know this post is a day late. But I did finish my challenge. Yay, me!

Day 30:

Here is another one to repeat.

Part your hair in the middle. Make 4 thin braids. 2 at the top front, 2 at the top back. Gather the rest of your hair, twist and swirl into a bun. This took 5 minutes.

Day 30 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 29

Day 29:

Pull all hair together the base of the hairline. Put a band in, but place it about halfway down the pony tail. Separate the hair and push the pony tail down into the split over and over until you get this. Clip in place, pin as necessary. This took less than 5 minutes.

Day 29 of my hair challenge


30 Day Hair Challenge Day 28

Day 28:

Make 2 thin braids from the front of the head, band to hold for now. Separate the rest of your hair in half and braid each chunk. Pin the small braids to the back of the head. Fold each big braid in half and then lay across toward the opposite side of your head. Pin to secure. This took about 5 minutes.

Day 28 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 27

This was another fail. No matter how many bobby pins, clips or how much hairspray I used, it did NOT want to stay. Ultimately, I had to put it in an emergency bun. My hair has to be off my shoulders for work.

Day 27:

Make 2 pony tails at the back of the head (one directly over the other). Take sections and roll toward the head. Pin in place.

Day 27 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 25

Some of you might have noticed that Day 19 disappeared. I deleted it. Somehow it was causing a lot of spam messages. Well, whatever happened, deleting it worked. So just in case you run into this problem that’s how I fixed it. I changed my password as well, just in case. It was one of my favorite updos so when I do my final blog on this project, you’ll see it again.

I really liked this updo today. It was super easy and it stayed in place nicely. It took me less than 5 minutes. I’ll definitely repeat it as well.

Day 25:
Make a pony tail using a scrunchie (you can use a sock too. But I have scrunchies I still use….don’t judge me, I grew up in the 80’s LOL). Spread the pony tail back around the scrunchie and use a band. Swirl hair around the bun and bobby pin.

Day 25 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 24

This is another one I’ll repeat.

Day 24:

Pull hair into a pony tail in the middle of your head with a band. Make a separation under the band to push the pony tail down through. Braid the pony tail with a band on the end. Pull hair up and push the band through the split you pushed the hair through. Clip to secure and pin strays. This took less than 5 minutes.

Day 24 of my hair challenge

30 Day Hair Challenge Day 21

This is an old standby I’ve done over the years. I usually position the buns closer together (of course, sometimes I position them farther apart as well. I look a little like Minnie Mouse that way) and it’s usually better looking on the bottom section. It was 6:30 in the morning and I was headed to the hospital for a CT scan. So, forgive me. I’m not going to let anything break my challenge!


Split hair in half down the middle. Pull up into a swirl bun and clip. Repeat on the other side. I usually  brush up the bottom for a smoother look. This takes less than 5 minutes.

Day 21 of my hair challenge