Thoughts from the Gas Station

I used to get so frustrated when things didn’t go just the way I thought it should. I was so silly at times, and quite often ridiculous. I would get so angry at people’s bad driving and inconsiderate behavior that it would ruin my day. I thought God and the world were against me. I used to think God looked at me and considered me “His joke”. I imagined Him sneezing me out and going, “Awe, she is kinda spunky, I think I’ll keep her just for a good laugh”. But of course back then, I thought the world revolved around me.



One day God revealed it to me through my sister. “What’s the big rush? Are you in a hurry? What are you hurrying to get to? Half the fun is getting there!” When we rush through our day thinking of our agenda only, not considering anyone else’s needs and getting frustrated when things don’t go as planned, we forget to look around and see who could need a little brotherly love. So, I asked God to help me see people through His eyes. If we can change our perspective on how we view people, life has a LOT less irritation in it and we realize they are just like us: they make mistakes plus have their own agendas, perspectives and feelings.



This morning God woke me up at 5. Its not a normal occurrence for me to be up so early (I’m usually up around 7 or 8). I got dressed to go run some errands instead of going to the gym today. I usually go 6 times a week, but having just spent 4 days adventuring through Lincoln City, OR, putting on some miles and climbing MANY steep stairwells, I decided to take my day off today. I’m exhausted from my 10th anniversary weekend beach trip. I needed a day of rest.


I had to do some grocery shopping but I wanted to run to Bath and Body Works (this is my addiction) first to redeem my free coupon. I pulled the door handle and it was locked. I looked at my watch and it said 9:36 & they don’t open until 10 (**facepalm**). Getting up so early threw me off. So, I decided to go grocery shopping and skip the coupon….since I just did one yesterday. I pulled into the parking lot, went to the back of my jeep and grabbed my shopping bags. I noticed a lone cart in the cart corral. I felt like I was supposed to get it to use as my cart. While walking to get it, a lady came walking past with a purse and a gas can.



The gas station was at least ½ a mile away so I asked if she wanted a ride. She said, “Wow, most people don’t help out anymore and I’m having a really bad day”. I pulled up to the gas pump, she got out, paid and filled her container. As I drove her back to her car we chatted. She was in her 20s, I think. She had a 3 year old that was thankfully with her mom . She and her “man” were going through a really hard time and not only did the car run out of gas, it had a glitch. She had to jump start it too due to some ongoing car problems. She carried a battery jumper box with her, but it needed to be charged since she used it so much. She was stuck in the turn lane but God cleared out traffic for me to pull up in front of her. It’s usually a pretty busy intersection.



There was a time that I would’ve been rushing through the whole situation, but then I would have missed out on a blessing. Her comment made me sad but I’m glad God sent me to show her not everyone is like that. I’m glad my favorite store was closed. I wouldn’t have been there to see her walking and she might’ve had to carry that container all the way back to her car and continue to wait for her jumper to charge (it was plugged in at the taco shop). We should be helping each other, not complaining about each other. We should notice each other Instead of seeing through each other. We just might help make someone’s bad day a little less bad if we open our eyes.



In fact, Jesus said and reiterated that the greatest commandment is to love God and the 2nd is to love others (Matthew 22:37). It’s the very reason He came to earth! To heal the broken; to open up the eyes of the blind; to show love to the unloved. We are to do what Jesus did to the point of laying our lives (wants, needs) down for each other (John 15:13). We are supposed to serve each other. To say, “I really wanted to spend my $20 on lotion (that I have plenty of), but I’ll help you out instead”, “I’m really busy right now and in a hurry, but if you need someone to listen to you, I’ll be the ear that you so desperately desire“, “I just had to come back into the store for the ice I forgot when I was here 5 minutes ago, but yes I want to hear what I can pray for you about”, “I’m not feeling well today, but yes, I’ll be a shoulder for you to cry on”. This is the life we are called to as Christ followers: service.



I think its funny when people think that being a Christ follower means you have to turn boring. Like you have to give up all things fun and turn into a big fuddy-duddy. That’s religion (and it’s not for me!!), not a relationship with the Creator. Quite the opposite is true if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are blessed in blessing others. Especially if we do it without complaint of our day being interrupted. It’s actually endless adventure when we let God lead our day. I meet some great people and hear some amazing stories. We’re all in this together. We need to look past our own noses because we very well could be the only Jesus someone gets to see. Maybe they just need a spark of hope. A light shining in this dark world. A little love goes a long way.



Wake up Bride of Christ (the church)!! Its time to do what we signed up to do when we said yes to the gift of freedom and eternal life. It’s time to love others like Jesus showed us to do. It’s time to show the world what Christians are really about. Let’s take as many people as we can to heaven with us. This is what God is waiting for! Open your eyes and see what God sees. To God be the glory!!



13 For you, my brothers, were called to freedom; only do not let your freedom become an opportunity for the [e]sinful nature (worldliness, selfishness), but through [f]love serve and seek the best for one another. 14 For the whole Law [concerning human relationships] is fulfilled in one precept, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF [that is, you shall have an unselfish concern for others and do things for their benefit].” 15 But if you bite and devour one another [in bickering and strife], watch out that you [along with your entire fellowship] are not consumed by one another. Galatians 5:13-15