One passion I’ve had since poloroids were a hot item, is photography. There was a time when my mom would hold out a handful of undeveloped film rolls and say “pick 3 to develop. I can’t afford them all”.  A good portion of them would come back blurry or have a finger in the way and would be nothing but garbage. I’ve definitely learned a lot about photography since then and am so thankful that in this day and age, we have digital photography. The invention opened up so much opportunity.  In my younger years I thought I wanted to be in front of the camera. I modeled with a local agency until I realized that I wanted to capture those moments for other people.

The pictures shown on my blog site were all taken and edited by me.  It is my obsession to capture God’s creation on film. To see more go to:


“My Fascination with Creation Photography Portfolio” on Facebook

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