No Dark Corners

We need to be Your hands and feet
And show Your love to all we meet
You give us much, it’s time to share
And deny the world’s definition of fair

No one turns on a lamp and hides it away
It is placed on a stand so all can stay
If our eyes are good and full of light
We can share it with others hoping they’ll see Your might

The church, we are the Bride of Christ
Bought and paid for with a very high price
The blood that was shed by the Lamb of God
Has cleansed us complete no matter where we’ve trod

He’s our Bridegroom to be; we must live like it’s so
A legacy to leave of a blood-bought soul
Help us to remember who we are
Let us picture the hands that bear the scars

Help us shine Your light in this lost, dark world
Your Kingdom, here, can be unfurled
When we lift up Jesus’ holy name
Then no dark corners will remain



Inspired by Luke 11:33-36 (NLT) and Pastor “G” who challenged someone to write a song about it. So much for taking a nap! LOL! Thanks for the new poem God!



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