I Belong to You

Just when I thought I understood
Which path You had for me
You changed my course, again it contorts
And makes me want to flee

I thought I had it figured out
It made great sense to me
But You blocked my way, I cannot pay
Is it really not meant to be?

If it’s nothing but a stumbling block
Help me to stay the course
Don’t let it drag me down in frustration
It’s not something I can force

I could throw myself a pity party
But no one else will come
Feeling sorry for myself about this
Just seems really dumb

This road might seem all uphill to me
But You’re strengthening my soul
If I never exercised my faith
I’d never be made whole

So I’ll lift my face and trust Your grace
You know exactly what to do
You’ll never leave me on my own
Because I belong to You



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