My Ungrateful Ways

It’s rained all week, could You make it dry today?
The sun finally shines; “it’s too hot” I say
Teach me to be still; but I don’t want to sit
Let me be a candle for you; just leave the flame unlit

Lord, show me Your path; not that one, though
Whatever’s in Your will; just not that…no
You gave me what I asked, but that’s not what I mean
Ask and receive is not always what it seems

Pick me up; Set Me Down
I’m ready for more; that’s too much ,now
Help me out; I’ll do it by myself
Give me your word; I’ll put it on the shelf
I need more time; oh good! A lazy day
Lord forgive my ungrateful ways

I want to truly be thankful for all the blessings that You give
Without you, Lord, I wouldn’t care how I lived
It’s a good thing that You know what’s really best indeed
Because if You left it up to me I never learn anything
Lord, forgive my ungrateful ways



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