I Was Made For Your Glory

Life’s too complicated not to have been fashioned by Your hands
I see you in the mountains, the clouds, the sun, moon and sea
Without a doubt you are the Creator.
Nothing else makes sense to me
You made me to be who I am; no mistake not an accident
I Was Made For Your Glory

Life is not about me. Lord It’s All About You.
I’m privileged to serve you and praise you and worship You Lord
Empty me of this world so I can give all the glory to You
You give me abundance of blessings, You shower me with Your grace
You wrote my name in the palm of Your hands

You gave Your Son to save me, Your mercy is unending
Your Spirit is my guide, Your word is my sword, faith is my shield
You provide all I need
I just want to thank You, Lord! I’ll sing your praise forever more
I Was Made For Your Glory

AZ trip summer 2013 Ohiothe cardinal in the tree the morning of dads burial


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