Thoughts from Portland Oregon 

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the day that changed the entire course of my life. Unfortunately, I’m still marking May 31st as well; our last conversation. ……an angry, heated not so very loving conversation. One day I hope to forget that anniversary exists . I’m a work in progress, God is changing me each and every day..  I still wish I’d listened to my sister and swallowed my pride (see “Thoughts from a House with no Furniture” Sept 2013). I really miss my dad.

If you had asked me 3 years ago where I would be today, my answer NEVER would’ve been Portland Oregon. In fact, I probably would have flipped out at anyone who dared suggest that.

But, I really love this place. It’s amazing!  There is so much to see when you’re a huge fan of creation. So much to explore (talk about owning WAY too many pictures).  The temperature is never horrendous either…..just a little wet.

After my son turned 18, I moved from New Mexico to North Carolina with Hubby who tried unsuccessfully to get a job there so I could be close to my family. My son had been dating an amazing young lady and naturally didn’t want to go with me. So my best friend and I packed my car with all my belongings and drove to the East Coast. I was able to transfer with my job, so there wasnt a large gap in paychecks. God TOTALLY paved the way for it. I loved the people I worked with in NC. They were truly a blessing!  Then 4 months later, Hubby took a job here in Portland (last April) and it’s been one adventure after the next since then. 

They have a saying here “Keep Portland Weird”. They have no choice now that God planted me here. LOL!This relaunch is the beginning of the next adventure.  Browse through my previous blogs to catch up if you want……or join in on the next chapter of God takes Nikki up on her promise (“You lead, I’ll follow” I tattooed it on my foot).

Boy! I missed blogging!


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