Thoughts from the Front Pew

When I walked into church this morning, I had no idea what I was in for.

On Thursday, my friend (who is the head worship leader at my church) texted asking for prayer for her and my other friend (another prayer/worship leader) as they go to Oklahoma to help out with the relief effort from the tornado last week. The plan is to join up with a group called Christ in Action.

As I stated in “Thoughts from a Fruitless CT scan”, I’ve always had a soft spot for natural disasters. It pulls my heartstrings and my heart breaks for those who are affected. All I’ve ever been able to do was pray fervently for them. In reply to my friend’s text I said “I wish I could go”, meaning that one of these days I want to have the opportunity and money to go and help out with the actual efforts.

She replied “You can”. I didn’t answer her text…..I didn’t have a viable excuse other than having to work. I’ve had this anxious since that text. Multiple times I tried to reply to it and couldn’t…..and now I know why.

I’m a tither. Tithing is a challenge that we are given by God. He says that if we will give Him back the first tenth of what we “make” (in quotes because I believe He supplies our paychecks to begin with), He will bless us ridiculously. In my life that has been proven to be true time and time again. I felt like God wanted me to give this week’s tithe to the Oklahoma mission, and handed my friend the money.

I kept asking her questions and she said “Nikki, are you supposed to go with us?”. I ssid, “I don’t know” so we prayed. Service had already started so I went out to call Hubby……who totally supported my conviction to go. I talked to my son who said “Go mom!I wish I could too” (he can’t miss school). I only had to wait for my boss to answer. Within 5 minutes of asking him, my shifts were covered. When I got home my other friend who is going said “I knew you were supposed to go. I kept feeling like you were” Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation.

Apparently God can use us there. So, here we go. Oklahoma here we come. We are bringing our guitars to hopefully lift up people’s spirits.

Go ahead of us Lord, let our hands, voices and presence be useful to the affected people of Oklahoma. We are yours to use.


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