Thoughts from a Really Long, Silent Drive from the Tuxedo Rental Shop

Teenagers can be ungrateful punks sometimes!

Our son is on hiatus from his friends for a few weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, his friends are nice, but they are not good for each other. They haven’t been making the wisest choices, so he is taking a little time away from them to reevaluate his path. As much as we wish we could, we cannot pick his friends for him. Like I said, they are nice kids, but his two closest friends are both 18 year old Seniors, neither has a job yet and they are both on probation for making unwise choices.

In my son’s defense, he has been trying harder not to get in fights. Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped the fights though. He’s been forced into two during school hours. Granted, he hasn’t fought back so he hasn’t gotten into trouble, but people are sure trying hard to rile him up enough to fight back. That’s how it works; once you’re on the radar…you’re on the radar.

Then to top things off, the kids in VA take evaluation tests called SOLs (standards of learning). My son took one “he didn’t need’ for graduating. He got 15 correct out of 50. That means he got 70% of the answers wrong. I was pretty angry. That says ‘I don’t care” to me.

Naturally, he’s angry with us for the forced time off. We have officially reached the status of “the worst parents in the world”. Fun, fun, fun!

He is graduating a year early, so essentially he is skipping his Junior year and will graduate at the end of next year. So we decided to go ahead and let him go to prom tomorrow since his dad was nice enough to rent the tux and give him some spending money for it and prom is only designed for Juniors and Seniors.

Last Saturday, after having worked all day, I took him to get measured for the tux. He was a bit miffed with me because his bff was supposed to with him so they could get matching tuxes (since they are on break from each other, I took him). I got off early tonight to take him to pick it up and took the day off tomorrow to watch him play football and to do a prom photo shoot.

I work 5 days a week and have been extremely excited for this weekend…..we did nothing but fight the whole way there (it’s a half hour drive, and it took an hour to get back due to traffic).

It’s hard raising a teen in this day and age. It will only get harder as the generations continue, until Jesus returns. As Americans, for some reason, we think we have entitlement to the amenities and luxuries in life and tend to take the things people do for us for granted. We think having rights is something that is handed to us on a silver platter and don’t even consider the sacrifices that were given and are required for those rights and how very different this country is from so many others. How spoiled we are!

It’s after midnight, which makes this a new day. I’m so thankful for new beginnings. Maybe it’s time to scale back to the basics and start over.



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