30 Day Hair Challenge Day 18

Call in the Fashion Police! This was my hair bomb day!!!!! I tried 4 different updos today and still failed. At least this was a day off. If you like the “crown upon the head” type of look, this updo is for you. If you think this is ugly, like me, just ignore this post. By the 4th try, I was frustrated and ready to give up on my challenge. (Remind me in the future that short layers are for people who get to wear their hair down on a normal basis). I’ll tell ya how I did it anyway, just in case it actually looks decent on you. The model for the picture I saw looked cute. Of course, all 4 styles were cute in the picture……..

Day 18:

From the front of the head, French braid along the hairline, only add hair from the bottom side of the braid though (who knows, it might have looked better if I did the full French Braid). Pull the bottom part into a swirl bun and clip. It took about 10 minutes to fail this do.

Day 18 of my hair challenge



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