30 Day Hair Challenge Day 16

I discovered another favorite. This one took me less than 5 minutes. I absolutely LOVE those little claw clips. They work better than bobby pins for me (although, bobby pins do serve a purpose sometimes). They are so quick and easy to use….unfortunately they do break kind of easy and they pop out of your fingers because they are so small. But they are my absolute favorite hair accessory; they are pretty inexpensive and come in a pack of 6 or 8 (I can’t remember). I have some that look like roses and are slightly larger as well.

Day 16:

Pull the top half of your hair in a swirl bun (twist and spin) at the top of the back of the head; clip to secure. Split the bottom, remaining portion into 2 sections; smooth flat and wrap ends across and around the opposite side of the bun; clip to secure. Do the same with the rest of your hair; clip. I had to use a little hair spray in front, as usual, because of my layers.

Day 16 of my hair challenge



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