30 Day Hair Challenge Day 15

Yay! I’ve reached the halfway point. I hope everyone is getting some good ideas. I’m always up for suggestions as well. I’m just winging it.

Fish-bone braids are different looking…and I like different. Unfortunately, my arms get tired easily and usually it ends up uneven and messy. It’s so much easier to do a fish-bone on someone else. I got halfway down and flipped it on top of my head. You can tell where I did that. If you add smaller chunks of hair at a time, it looks even cooler. Forgive me, I was in a hurry (late for work).

Day 15:

Pull hair into a high pony tail. Fish-bone braid it. Fish-bone braid is easy. Separate your hair in half. Pull small bits of hair from the outside of one bunch of hair and wrap across to the opposite bunch of hair. Repeat until you reach the bottom. Band it. This took me 5 minutes.

Day 15 of my hair challenge


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