30 Day Hair Challenge Day 11

Day 11:

Pull up hair from the crown of the head and tease the underside. Separate hair in half. Twist the whole bunch. Swirl end around itself into a bun at the center of the nape. Secure with bobby pins and do the same thing with the other half of your hair. Swirl it around the first bun to make a bigger bun. Secure with pins. Took me 5 minutes……the first time.

Day 11 of my hair challenge

This was not my favorite. About 10 minutes later I noticed it slipping. So I added more pins and a little hairspray (which took me about 10 minutes). About a half hour later I noticed it slipping again. I was about to run late for work, so I secured it the best I could (took me another 10 minutes) and brought a backup hair band with me (just in case I had to do an emergency pony tail). 16 bobby pins, 6 mini claw clips and half a bottle of hairspray later (ok….maybe not that much, but it seemed like it and I don’t like hairspray to begin with), I did manage to make it through the work day without having to resort to the dreaded standard pony. There were plenty of strays by the time I got home. I guess one fail out of 10 tries isn’t a bad record. I knew there would be some bombs.

Some styles depend on the texture and weight of your hair as well. My hair is super thin (the strands themselves) but I have a ton of it which is why I like to layer my hair so it doesn’t get weighed down. If I don’t layer my hair I blow right through hair bands. My hair stretches them out quickly. I have naturally wavy-ish hair, so I usually blow-dry it straight. My hair has a softer texture as well, which makes it slip out of twists easily. Everyone’s hair is different.

Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow. At least I’ve added 9 easy to do styles to my arsenal.


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