30 Day Hair Challenge Day 9

I think this is one of my favs so far. It’s cute and quick, even though it looks intricate. I’ll definitely use this one again. I got a lot of complements on it.

Day 9:

French braid down one side along the hairline (your bang section). Stop at the ear. Finish the braid and band. Pull a bunch of hair from the back of your head at the “corners” (the underside has long and even pieces). Braid (not French) down and band. Do this on each side (these are the braids that create the headband effect). Pull what’s left of your hair into a pony tail in the middle of the back of your head twist and wrap around itself. Clip in place. Take one of the head band braids and pull it up and over to behind your opposite ear. I pulled out the bands at this point so it didn’t make lumps. Secure with a bobby pin. Do the same with the other side. Thread the front braid back underneath the “headband”. Secure in place with a bobby pin. Secure as necessary. I pinned through the headband to keep it in place. This only took me about 10 minutes.

Day 9 of my hair challenge


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