30 Day Hair Challenge Day 6

I like it when my hair looks a bit on the messy side….not sure why. I guess they call that Boho. I’m not into perfect looking hair. It looks like you tried too hard. Usually you end up using a lot of hairspray too.

I think my dislike for hairspray came from my high school years where we tried to get our bangs as high as we could. My brother called it wall hair….like we held our hair up a wall and sprayed the crap out of it. I’m not sure why we thought that was attractive.

I’ve always been a fan of braids though; braids of all kinds: French, standard, fishbone. There’s a new way to do braids where you pull them out to be messy. I tried that and it didn’t look like a braid anymore with all my layers. So I’ll skip that picture.

Day 6:

Section your hair into thirds (top, middle and bottom at the nape). Put each section in a pony tail with a hair band and braid. Wrap each braid in a circle and clip. This took about 10 minutes.  I got the bottom one a little off-center, but it adds character. I’m not really a perfectionist with my hair either….obviously.

Day 6 of my hair challenge


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