30 Day Hair Challenge Day 3

I live in a city called Bealeton. The drive to Bealeton is beautiful country scenery with rolling hills and farmland as far as the eye can see. You drive, and drive, and drive….and then you come to an intersection of random gas stations and a fast food chicken restaurant. There is a “shopping center” with a grocery store, dollar store, thrift store and few other miscellaneous small businesses. There are 5 housing developments that you can’t see from that intersection. All three schools are on the 2 main roads (with the elementary and high school back to back). I love it here.

But I HATE the water. We don’t drink Bealeton water. It’s hard enough to brush your teeth without gagging. It has a strange smell. A couple summers ago we had an earthquake that caused problems with the water. For a few months we had to boil it first. They say it’s safe……I’m good. I’ll buy it.

Unfortunately, my hair must be washed in Bealeton water. I only do it twice a week otherwise it feels nasty. So I try not to use too much hairspray very often. Being a waitress (and having a shedding problem) and just doing a standard pony tail (with seriously layered hair), I have had to use it for work. One of my goals in this challenge is to do styles that don’t require hairspray. I’m not a fan of hairspray to begin with.

Day 3:

French braid each side from a little higher than your temples.  Make a high pony tail with the rest of your hair. Wrap the braids around the pony tail and clip in place. This took me about 5 minutes.

Day 3 of my hair challenge


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