30 Day Hair Challenge Day 2

Being a working wife and mom is no excuse to let my looks go.  We all get in a rut and get comfortable in life. We get a routine we don’t want to change it. We are creatures of habit. But patterns can be broken.

I want to be attractive to my hubby.  I want him to look at me and say “Dang! That’s my wife! She’s hot!”, like he used to when we first got together. I don’t want to lose that. I want to keep the spark in my marriage.

For the longest time I found myself being ok with looking like a bum.  I was a stay at home mom from late 2008-2010, I spent about a year of that in my jammies (so much that Hubby now sees all sweats, which is what I use, as jammies). I didn’t even bother to get dressed. How lame!  I justified it as trying to save on laundry. But the truth was that I was too lazy to look good. (I couldn’t come up with a real good excuse for not brushing my hair *head hangs in shame*).

I’m one of those women that has to be told to go shopping. Not for groceries or things we need, but for clothing. I am too frugal and practical. I wear clothes that I’ve had since the ‘90s……holes and all. I tend to wear clothes til they’re dead. I’m trying to get better about it. I don’t want to go the opposite way; there is a happy medium. We all need to shop for clothes. If I’m wearing holey shirts what does that say about me? It says I don’t care.

I have problems with the tear ducts in my eyes that have caused me not to be able to wear eye makeup anymore. I’ve never been much of a fan of makeup anyway. So I have to come up with other ways of dressing myself up. A hairdo is a great way to look like you care about the way you look. If I can do it in 10 minutes or less I no longer have an excuse. This is what caused me to challenge myself to the 30 Days of Hair.

Day 2:

French braid from the front above your ears on each side of your head. Don’t follow your hair line, go toward the center of the back of your head.  Make a pony tail with the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck. Twist and roll around the band. Clip in place. Wrap each braid around the bun and clip in place. This one took about 10 minutes.

Day 2 of my hair challenge


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