Bealeton Cemetary pics

I’ve always had a thing for graveyards. I love to read what people have written about their loved ones. Hubby thinks it’s disrespectful: I think those sentiments were written for us all to see. The oldest stone we could find was dated 1874; with the next oldest being 1878. says:

“Bealeton grew up as a Depot of the former Orange & Alexandria Rail Road (since renamed Southern Rail Road), and the old railroad station building can be seen in the Bealeton Station development in front of the new Bealeton Library building. The building was previously located on County Road 805, Bealeton Rd. which runs parallel and near the railway. The area was a major traveling point during the Civil War and saw many skirmishes related to nearby engagements.

Despite the presence of southern troops during the early years of the war the northern troops succeeded in pushing the Confederate line south of the Rappahannock River and eventually into Fredericksburg. This move led to the control of the Orange & Alexandria Railroad, thus allowing the Union army to transport supplies deep into southern Virginia.

Bealeton lost importance with the decline of rail road travel and became a bedroom community of Warrenton, Virginia & Northern Virginia primarily. This was aided by the comprehensive plan that made authorized water and sewer availability in 1967. Bealeton retains many large farms and provides a unique blend of agriculture, commercial, and residential development”

I’ve lived here for 4 years and have been wanting to go to the cemetary since we came. i took the week off work to do some picture taking trips with my BFF.

Here’s some of what we took:












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