7 Day Detox- Day 6

Day Six Beef and vegetables. Today you may eat an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables. Eat to your heart’s content.

It occurred to me this week that popcorn can be classified as a veggie. It’s dried corn, right? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it the first 2 times I tried this detox. I put ¼ cup of popping corn in a brown bag and pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes. This is one of our staple snacks at my house. I don’t buy the prepared ones (I usually don’t buy anything prepared that I can make myself. I save a lot of money on groceries this way).

I had some heartburn issues again, mostly in the morning though. I wonder if it’s also the meat causing that. It was a chore to eat all the beef again. I made a hamburger (for lunch) and a big meatloaf with the ½ lb of meat. There were meatloaf leftovers. One of the vultures…I mean, my loving dudes, will eat it; it won’t go bad.

I think that the water drinking will be easy to integrate into my life. I have my trusty, easy to tote water jug and with the discovery of fruit water (Thanks Pinterest! J) I now have a new love for water. As I should! It is vital to healthy living; it is something our bodies require;

My leg is feeling better. I can walk better now. I had to limp around for a couple days. There is still a very large knot and a pretty dark-blue bruise; it still hurts a little to walk from the jiggle of my thigh. Hopefully I won’t try to catch anymore falling restaurant sized ice cream containers with my leg.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a bit before I have any more beef. I’m all cowed out!

Cost Breakdown

¼ bag of frozen peppers and onion blend $0.27

½ bag frozen broccoli $0.50

½ lb ground beef $1.50

½ bag frozen spinach $0.50

Fresh green chile salsa from my lifelong, best friend’s garden $Free (I love her she keeps me going with New Mexican food…man I miss home)

3 small sweet potatoes approximately $0.75

Cucumber for my water $0.88

Package of Oreo cookies $just kidding

Total Cost: approximately $4.40



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